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Howdy Partner,  You have found the official site of the central Georgia "Lonesome Valley Regulators".  LVR is a SASS affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting Club located in Warner Robins, GA.  If ya love the ideology of the old west complete with guns ablazing, you've found the right place. 

NOTICE:  LVR new home is the NoLimit/DoubleTap "Junction City Range".

 Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) is a historically based sport in which participants assume an alias complete with outfit and rig typical of the Old West including: Single Action Revolvers, Lever Action Rifle, and Coach Shotgun. The shooting competition is staged in a characterized "Old West" style. Each shooting stage is based on a western scenario where the shooter's goal is to utilize every weapon in a specified sequence within the shortest time possible.

We hold matches on the 1st Sunday of each month..... see ya there

LVR 2017 Matches (1st Sunday, Monthly):
   Jan-8, Feb-5, Mar-5, Apr-2, May-7, Jun-4
   Jul-2, Aug-6, Sept-3, Oct-1, Nov-5, Dec-3

Next Shoot -> Sun Apr 2 
    Cool weather full cowboy attire....

Due to length of drive out to JunctionCity,
  Registration at
9:30 AM,  Shooting starts at 10am

Search Facebook for "Lonesome Valley Regulators"
Always looking to expand our Posse, new shooters are welcome.
Family, friends & interested spectators - come on down !!

For additional information, contact the Ranch Forman:

     Wishbone Hooper    Phone: 478-922-9384  
     E-Mail: wshbne@bellsouth.net

 *** Inquiry for interest in SASS Range Officer 1 & 2 classes  ***

Branchwater Jack & Buck D. Law have offered to come to East Alabama Gun Club (EAGC) to teach ROI and RO2 classes.
Two separate dates, one for each class will be offered on future weekend (to be determined).

Inquiring for a rough head count on attendees. This is for new RO's or anyone desiring a refresher session.
Please email NoLimit (ruhbusch@hotmail.com) about interest in either or both sessions.


"Where to you want to go?" asked the conductor.
"To Hell" said the cowboy.
"Well, give me $2.50 and get off at Dodge."

Understanding a Cowboy (By Buck Peters Foreman of the Bar 20)
The cowboy treats everyone with respect and expects to be treated the same.
The cowboy instinctively knows right from wrong and tries to do what is right.
The cowboy won’t accept charity but will give you the shirt off his back if you’re in need.
The cowboy looks at life with simple logic and common sense.
Cowboy humor is sometimes subtle and hard to understand but never at the expense of another.
The cowboy believes in God, Country, Mother, and apple pie.
The cowboy lives by a code of truth, honesty, decency, hard work and fair play.
Cowboys won’t tolerate liars, cheats, thieves, abusers of women, animals or children, and those that are rude and discourteous.
The cowboy may make mistakes but he is never mean or small or cruel.
The cowboy is fiercely loyal to his friends and those he loves.
Being a cowboy is a state of mind, not a state to live in.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" - Henry Ford

A few words of wisdom from our western heritage:

    “Courage is being scared to death-but saddling up anyway.”  (John Wayne )
    "Remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. 'Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is." (Josey Wales / Clint Eastwood)
     Solvin'problems is like throwin'cattle. Dig your heels on the big ones and grab the little ones 'round the neck.
     Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without.
     An angry bull is less dangerous than an angry woman.
     Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.

Official Drink of LVR:
Sioux City          
Sarsaparilla Root Bear

Local Matches:

Shootout on the Little River
Jan 07,  2017    Valdosta, GA

SASS Florida State Championship, The Ide's of March
Mar 16-19,  2017    Tavares, FL

Ride of The Immortals
Apr 08,  2017    Griffin, GA

The Cowford Stampede Annual Match
Apr 21-22,  2017   Jacksonville, FL

SASS Georgia State Championship Stampede at South River
May 18-20,  2017    Covington, GA

SASS Alabama State Championship Ambush At Cavern Cove
Sept 01-03, 2017   Woodville, AL

SASS South Carolina State Championship, The Dual at Dixie
Sept 28-01,  2017    Columbia, SC

SASS Tenn State Championship Regulators Reckoning
Oct 12-14, 2017   Wartrace, TN

SASS North Carolina State Championship Uprising at Swearing Creek
Nov 02-05,  2017   Salisbury, NC

SASS Southeast Regional CHAMPIONSHIP, Gunfight in Dixie XV
Nov 07-11,  2017    Lakeland, TN

Previous Events / Website
     Roundup at River Bend   Dawsonville, GA
Gunfight at Givhans Ferry Ridgeville, SC

Middle GA Gun Shows
  Check GunShowsSite for the latest dates.

LVR Site Activated Dec 2011