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We at LVR are a more casual outfit in that full period dress code is optional, minimum requirement is cowboy hat and boots – the rest will follow as you become part of the LVR family. Please read the SASS Handbook concerning "Spirit of the Game", dress code, hardware and safety.

We're very aware there’s a substantial startup cost with extended timeframe in acquiring your first full rig, so following the spirit of the west – we all have “extras” to loan out during the acquisition phase.

Fees/Dues: As expected, maintaining a range does incur some cost – but we manage with a minimal charge of $15 per shoot (covers insurance, equipment and range expenses).

SASS Membership is not required for LVR Roundups, but it is encouraged and required if you desire to participate in area State & Regional Championships.

Basically Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) is a combin
ation of gun enthusiast, love of the old west and group therapy. So if you love shooting guns (Lever Action Rifle / Colt Style Single Action Pistols / Double Barrel “Coach” Shotgun) then this is the “sport activity” for you. No weapon experience is required to get started in CAS, just enthusiasm and desire (my daughters had never fired a rifle or shotgun before their 1st roundup) – all posse members will offer assistance, suggestions and encouragement to help you along. Our “elderly” statesmen have extensive experience with all phases of CAS from casting bullets to selection of weapons and cowboy rig; questions are expected and encouraged.

Safety is paramount and regulated / enforced by every member of the posse. As in all SASS events, ammunition and weapon only come together at loading table just before your shootout. From there it’s watching, learning and conversing with other posse members – again; questions are expected and encouraged. New members will quickly become involved in shootout participation as spotters, monitor loading/unloading table, policing brass and target reset….so there’s plenty of activity to calm your nerves after each shootout. As one quickly learns, reloading ammo is a major cost advantage and somewhat therapeutic…so policing brass is desired to minimize expense. For beginners, we have several members that offer reload ammo at very reasonable prices.

CAS is not precision target shooting as the steel target are about 18 inches square, fairly close and all that’s required is a "hit" producing a noticeable bell like ring…. So the competitiveness is more a personal goal for a “clean” match or stage completion with no misses….speed will come naturally with experience and desire.

Monthly CAS matches entail a shootout consisting of theme stages. Each stage has the steel targets configured at different distances for Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun groups. Each Stage normally require ammunition for 10 Pistol, 10 Rifle and 4-8 shotgun targets. Our range includes 5 stages: Jailhouse, Dry Goods Store, Just OK Corral, Open Range and Woodland skirmish….. all are single position with no or little movement required.

LVR Juncity City Range Stages:
As with most SASS Clubs, Stages are in constant flux as we build new targets and fixtures to keep things interesting, but below are stage sites....




Stage 4-5:

Stage 3-5: