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Double Pump

    Ruger Vaquero 357 4.75"

    Henry Big Boy 357 Mag, 20"

    1897 12 guage
    Wishbone Armory

Double Pump – Is not the nick name given to me by my wife.  The name derived from my first western cowboy shoot at LVR in February 2011.  Growing up solely on pump shotguns I had no prior experience with double barrel shotguns till this faithful day.  As the first shotgun stage came about and in my excitement of hitting the first target.  I attempted to load my next shot by pumping the double barrel shotgun instead of just pulling the second trigger.  I instantly provided entertainment to the supportive shooters at LVR and was taken in as one of their own after dubbing myself, Double Pump. 

Special thanks to Wishbone and Poe Skard for loaning support, guns and ammo in my beginning months at LVR.  


Pump it before you shoot your load,