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Hello, when getting started in CAS, eventually a guncart is needed and the styles are endless in design. Your first cart probably won't be your last as you will find need for different features such as larger sitdown style, smaller mobile style, working shelf...etc

This is my cart (Capt Kirk) - a slightly modified and larger version of Gateslinger Plans - which has been called the "Hog" or "Condo" as it is very large and heavy - so suggestion building your 1st cart, think about weight and mobility. I made this larger to hold stuff for myself and 2 daughters (Daughter #2 "Twiggy" there on the right) this design seats 2 comfortably, but after assembly I quickly realized it requires two people to load into truck... oops... It has been very useful when whole family attends a shootout, but it's to large for those solo trips.

These carts from Jacksonville FL, Cowford Regulators are definitely designed from the mobility perspective - small, light, efficient and easy for travel...

Here are some pics from 2011 Ga State Championship....

Here are some cart pics I've found on various other CAS sites:

This is a nifty folding cart design...

A classy cart:

Incredible Stagecoach carts:

Prairy & Chuckwagon Carts:

Wagon Carts:

Website with additional guncart pics:
   Kanas CAS