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Isom Dart
In 1861 twelve-year-old Huddleston accompanied his owner, a Confederate officer, into Texas during the Civil War. After being freed at the end of the war Huddleston headed for the southern Texas-Mexico border region where he found work at a rodeo, became a stunt rider and honed his skills as a master horseman.

Huddleston straddled both sides of the law. For a time he and a young Mexican bandit named Terresa survived as rustlers stealing horses in Mexico and selling them in Texas. Huddleston later joined a cattle drive heading northwest to Brown’s Hole in the Colorado-Wyoming area around 1871. The 6’2” Huddleston briefly found success mining gold and silver then claimed his partner cheated him out of his earnings.

After a tumultuous love affair with a Shoshone Indian woman in 1875, Huddleston joined the infamous Tip Gault Gang, a cattle and horse rustling outfit of southeastern Wyoming. After narrowly escaping death, he went further west and started a new life as a hard-working man. He changed his name to Isom Dart and made a living as a bronco buster.

Isom Dart later returned to Brown’s Hole around 1890 and established his own ranch, but local cattlemen suspected he had built up his ranch herd from cattle he’d rustled from their ranches. The ranchers hired the notorious range detective, Tom Horn, to punish Dart. Horn ambushed and killed Isom Dart on October 3, 1900 near Brown's Hole. Public opinion was (and continues to be) divided about Dart's guilt. Some Brown's Hole residents mourned his death, claiming Dart was killed by cattleman who wanted his land and cattle. They saw Dart as a good-hearted, talented horseman and a top bronc stomper. Others believed he never completely relinquished his life of cattle rustling and thus remained a menace to the community.

Forward to SASS Southeast Regional @
Givhans Ferry, Nov 11, 2010.

Isom Dart, SASS #8096, receives the award named in his honor.

Edisto Ike opened the ceremonies with what is to become an annual award at the Southeast Regional—The Isom Dart Cowboy Spirit award … named for its first and very deserving recipient …Isom Dart, SASS #8096, whose cowboy way is the epitome of Cowboy Action Shooting™. AsDirt Merchant remarked, “The man is truly unique. The award named after him will soon be a most coveted trophy. He IS the Cowboy Spirit.”

Match Pistols:
38-40, 3rd. Gen. SAA, 5 1/2", blue-cch, elk grips
    180gr full load B/P, RNFP
    Uberti, Win. '73, 38-40, 18' oct. bbl., blue cch
    & custom engraving
    TTN, 1878 Colt, 12ga., 20" dbl/bbl, dog ears, brass cases,
    4dr. equiv. load, B/P

Holster Rig: El Paso



Twiggy and Isom