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Kid Concho
Kid Concho,   SASS member since July 1996 (#9916)

Match Pistols: 
     Ruger Bisleys in .357 or
     Ruger Single Sixs in .32 HR Mag     
     1873 Uberti in .32-20  
     1897 Winchester Pump 12 guage
Long range: 
     1894 Winchester in .38-55
  Alias "
Kid Concho" is derived from an imaginary character who was born in 1867 at Fort Concho in San Angelo TX, where his father was posted as a member of the 10th Cavalry Regiment (Buffalo Soldiers) following the War Between the States. He spent his earlier years roaming the territory up and down the Concho River trying to stay out of trouble with little to no success. To get out of the territory, Concho hired on as a trailhand to drive cattle up to Wyoming and Montana. During this period, he met and rode with Isom Dart for a spell. Later he developed a knack for gambling and made that his primary means of income. He drifted from one old west town to another and met several lawmen/outlaws who would later become famous (or infamous!).
  Although named Dario Ledbetter at birth, he adopted the name, Kid Concho to commemorate his place of birth at Fort Concho. Handy with a gun and somewhat of a lady's man, the Kid often times found himself in situations where he had to leave a town two steps ahead of the law. He finally settled down with a Creole woman he had met when he drifted down to New Orleans and they had 10 children; five boys and five girls. Kid Concho died in bed, surrounded by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in 1959.


Kid Concho/Wishbone Hooper/Isom Dart