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Shaping Your Stetson

  Now that you’re putting the cowboy rig together and finally bought a nice hat (eBay is a good starting point for nice used hats). Here in middle GA, the only location I could find that shapes hats is Horsetown Western Store up in Locust Grove (across I-75 from Tanger Outlet Mall). They will reshape any hat for free (tip jar available) regardless of purchase location…. After having a couple hats reshaped there, I got a good view of the process – really all that’s needed is a good source of steam….. my wife’s medium pot with a steam release valve lid worked great – or a simple teapot. Fill pot ¾ full on medium heat – wait for a steady steam flow….

  I bought a nice used Stetson at a local pawn shop and didn’t care for the curled brim and the rear had been curled up from incorrect storage. Since Horsetown was an hour away, figured I’d give it a go myself…. this was my 1st attempt at reshaping so I went slowly. Placed desired Brim within steam for about 15 seconds on each side, then I used a clean stainless cup to start working edge… Horsetown employee used hands, but I was not getting a smooth edge using my hands - so kept using the cup. I kept alternating sides to keep from excessive steaming and worked brim almost to the flat look that I prefer. Then I worked front and rear to a slight downward turn…. Took me about 20 minutes or so to get the shaped I desired. Then tried hat on an got a nice surprise, working/steaming completely around hat - I loosened the whole brim so it now formed to my head. So I wore the hat around the house for next 30 min or so to allow the hat to dry form to my head. This Stetson 4x Beaver hat was 1 size smaller than I normally buy, but the price was so good I bought it anyway – now with the steamed forming, it fits perfect…. Awesome.

  Was so impressed with the “steamed hat shaping” results, now going try it on other hats….

  Oh – forgot to mention, suggest buying the hat foam brushes – after shaping the hat, the finish is flattened from steam and rubbing – a lite brush with foam brings it out like new.