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Super Blackhawk Hammer

Hello All,                                                                 (Updated with Vaquero 44mag action job with SBH)

As mentioned in Gun-n-Ammo intro, I bought 357/38 Ruger Blackhawk simply due to cost and same home defense ammo. After shooting for a while and knowing I’m pseudo ambidextrous, I started shooting double-dualist.

(“Double Duelist Style” is defined as shooting a revolver cocked and fired one handed and unsupported, with each hand, that is, left gun with the left hand and right gun with the right hand. The revolver, hand or shooting arm may not be touched by the offhand except when resolving a malfunctioning revolver problem.)

Obviously with dualist shooting, a lower hammer is much easier to cock single handed.  I had read the Super-Blackhawk has a lower-wider Montado style hammer. I ordered them directly from Ruger. Top is new lowered hammer with painted sides and bottom is original hammer.

My guns are blued and I do not care for the machined bare metal in the hammer sides, and not having time or money I simply painted them black (foam brush). I used Sherwin-Williams enamel and baked them in a toaster oven. The paint is hard to differ from the Ruger blue finish and after a year of shooting the paint is still holding fine.

If you’re going to change the hammer, might as well put in a lighter trigger and hammer spring. I use Wolff brand and bought the shooters pack to try different strengths. For the hammer spring – you can simply cut it a few coils shorter with a dremel tool – be sure to shoot 20-30 rounds between cuts to get the feel you’re looking for without going too far and loose strength to fire primer.

Disassemble gun by obviously verifying it’s unloaded, remove cylinder, removing grips and grip-trigger housing.

In pics above, you can see the original Blackhawk hammer with unfinished machined sides and the new Super-Blackhawk painted hammer. Also shown is the orig/new trigger and hammer springs. You can also see where I cut the orig hammer spring slightly longer than Wolff spring and I ended up prefering this feel/operation vs the replacement Wolff spring. Your choice.

To remove Hammer spring assembly:

First cut about an inch or two from a larger metal paper clip (to be used as spring retaining rod).

Fully cock hammer spring so retaining hole is exposed outside spring and insert pin, the remove spring mechanism.

To remove/install the hammer spring I read about using a vise and drill press, but if you have a partner around I use a vise and cutting slot in needle nose pliers. I simply slide needle nose cutting hole over rod/spring and push down then partner inserts a piece of metal from paper-clip into retaining hole.

To remove Hammer:

Remove trigger spring (screw)…. Install new spring on reassembly….

Remove external trigger screw that goes completely through frame.

Remove external hammer screw that goes completely through frame, then slide hammer out bottom of frame – take note (pictures) on how trigger, hammer and fire transfer bar system fit together.

So basically that’s it, just reverse for assembly – wish I would’ve taken more pics, but you can take some more during your install. For additional details, head over to the Ruger website and download the Blackhawk/Vaquero owners manual

No particular reason, but I use synthetic gun oil for assembly….just rub all the parts with oily fingers as you assemble.

Capt Kirk  SASS #87080

Additional info available from "The Kitchen-Table Gunsmith", website provided on Cowboy Links page.

From the Ruger Owners Manual:

The Ruger New Model revolver mechanism is illustrated below. The same basic mechanism is found in the entire line of Ruger New Model single action revolvers – Single-Six, Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Bisley, Vaquero, Bisley Vaquero, and Hunter Models.

Hello again, took some patients but I was able to aquire two 7.5in Vaquero 44mags on GunBroker.com.  So I promptly ordered the SuperBlackhawk Hammer (SBH)  -> Midway USA happen to have them in stock for $30 ea. (Product #: 841361   Ruger #: KMR04001B).  So here goes my simple Vaquero Action Job with SBH.

I was having a hard time removing the trigger pin, so made a trip down to our new Harbor Freight Tools and bought a small watchmakers hammer and strangely enough a pack of plastic welding rods. Turns out the white rods fit perfect.  Just cut a 4in length off and filed the ends flat... see pics below.

Here is the 1st step in start of Vaquero SBH install and tuneup. After grips are removed, pull hammer back to lockup exposing the spring retainer hole, I use a piece of larger paper clip.  Notice the bent trigger spring, I do this with needle nose pliers....bend until arc touches hammer spring.....this will slightly soften the trigger pull. In the blackhawk breakdown above you can see the springs are straight.  FYI, I had previously removed hammer springs and cut 4 loops off with drimel - same procedure shown above on Blackhawks.

Here is the grip housing removed (5 screws).

Here is a "reminder" pic with screws and spring laid out in removed positions.

Below is a pic of removing the trigger pin with plastic welding rod..... works great with watch hammer.
Notice position of notch in pin that catches on loading gate spring holding everything in place.

Pic with Trigger Pin out and plastic rod holding things together......now just remove and finish disassembly.

After Tigger pin removed, the hammer pin is easily removed - removed pins show orientation for reassembly.

"Reminder Location Pic" of all parts removed.... (actually Pawl-Spring is inserted in top hole above grip frame screw - see Ruger breakdown schematic below)

Reassembly with new SuperBlackhawkHammer.....
FYI, before using new Hammer, I used flat & round jewelers files an removed all sharp edges....Basically run your finger around hammer.... if you feel any rough/high spots; file em down till smooth to touch.... 
These hammers had rough edges on "machined" side of hammer.
You'll notice the cast side is alreay smooth - the other machined side require about 20min of work...
Actually I perform this hand-rub/jeweler-file on all internal parts.

As noted above, I put a small amount of oil on fingers an rub-down all parts before assembly.
Below, can see reassembly with plastic rod which is then pushed out with insertion of trigger pin.

Tap trigger pin into place then line up SBHammer an insert hammer pin (no resistance - just slides in), make note of correct orientation (above pic) to accept long locking pin screw.  Reminder, the notch in hammer pin is opposite side from notch in trigger pin.

SBH hammer installed !!!

Grip housing installed, Trigger Spring latched and hammer spring paper-clip removed....

Below is a pic of SBH painted black (Sherwin-William Enamel) on Blackhawk vs natural stainless finish on vaquero.....  After a couple years, the
black paint on Blackhawk has been holding up well.

Finished products..... 357 Blackhawk primary shooters and 44mag Vaquero whenever the desire for big gun emerges.....