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Wishbone Hooper
Joined SASS in Mar-Apr. 1996.     Sass #9310.
Been kinda helping ramrod LVR for about
the last 14yrs. in one form or the other..

I derived my alias from "Wishbone" off the old Rawhide TV show. "Hooper" was my Great grand parents last name, thus Wishbone Hooper.

Main match guns;
   Colts 3rd. gen. nickle 5 1/2in in 38-40.
   Back-ups Cimmaron Thunderers 4 3/4in in 38-40.
  Original 1873 Win in 38-40 Manufactured 1888.
  Original 1889 Marlin in 38-40 . Manufactured in 1889.
  TTN "Rabbit Ears" 12ga.

Everything shot with Black Powder. Load is a secret. (Fill the case and put a bullet on top.)