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Nikelbak Jak

Nikelbak Jak (SASS #94646), SASS Member since 5 March 2012

Match Pistols:
    Ruger New Vaqueros SASS Edition in .357 Mag
    Henry Big Boy in .357 Mag
    Stevens 530A 12 gauge
    Wishbone Armory

Nikelbak Jak is a hold over nickname that came from his US Air Force / Rugby Days in Alaska (it just seemed to be a good cowboy alias too). He attended his first LVR shoot in Aug 2011 and has been hooked ever since.

There is no back story to this fictious character for two reasons.
  1. It's a long, boring and depressing story
  2. He really stinks at making up stories.

Once he begins loading his own ammo, he plans to attend some local annual
SASS Shoots.

He would like to pass on a very special thanks to Wishbone, Poe Skard and
Double Pump for helping him get started by lending guns, ammo, leather and